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Share the Gospel Of Christ With the World

Learn how to pray, speak with God, and share your love for him through instructional CDs. You also can join us on our travels to Israel to help spread the Word and further your Bible study.

Instructional CDs

Our CDs by Chris Panos guide you on your path to a stronger relationship with the Lord. Each of our CD sets contains six instructional CDs. Order any of the CD sets by making a donation of $34.95 or more via PayPal. You will receive a receipt from PayPal after purchase. Please email that receipt to The Mission the Same and specify which CD set you would like sent to you. Choose from:

• How To Be Led By the Spirit Of God
• How You Can Have a Miracle Ministry Teaching Nationals
• How To Enter In To a Greater Ministry
• How To Get Answers With Your Prayers — How To Pray

Teach the Gospel and Travel

You can give a man a fish, but teaching a man to fish makes more of an impact. This is one of the reasons we teach the Gospel of Christ in every country and show people how to teach others. Also, we hold meetings that teach others how to preach the Gospel. Some people are the greatest teachers in the world, but they don't know the Gospel. We have had over 250,000 people attend our services before, and now you too can be a part of our growing group.

Tour Rates

If you've been considering how to share your love for the Lord, take your next vacation on a tour with us. It is a $2,995 fee for travel and living expenses. Our tours include Israel and our next crusade. A 10 percent down payment will be required via credit card.