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Feel Uplifted With a Weekly Bible Devotional

Add to your Bible study with devotions from The Mission the Same. We hope to bring people together and help all people realize their potential through Bible devotions, so they too feel empowered to continue preaching the Gospel. View what readers have said about our books.

Facing Adversity

It is no strange thing to face adversity; God delivers us from it every day. In Acts 27 and 28, after a storm left Paul and his fellow sailors disoriented and lost, he raced across the sea towards certain doom. After dealing with soldiers that cut his anchors, dwindling food supplies, and a terrible shipwreck, Paul and his crew made landfall alive. They were well and found themselves among kind people who gave them food and shelter. It's not an easy road to Heaven, and there are many trials along the way, but God keeps us from harm.

Good Samaritans

Once in East Germany, while praying and fasting in my thin Texas raincoat in freezing weather, three angelic women came with an address for shelter and food. I knew these angels were sent from God to uphold me and direct me to my destination. So, like Paul, I was given food and shelter by God after the storm.

Chinese Students in Tiananmen Square

Obstacles Toward Success

God's trials create new paths to success; He has gone before you with His word, making the crooked places straight. He has given you the power to storm the gates of Hell and walk away victorious. You must get out there and follow Him to reap the rewards. Some ask, "Why can't I have these kinds of miracles?" You can if you are bold enough to be like Paul, and follow danger.