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ATHENS CRUSADE , is like a burning fire in the spirit of Chris Panos. Chris knows by the spirit that now is the time, now is the season. With many crusades completed, Chris speaks with authority about the incredible good that comes – salvation for masses of people and confirmation by signs, miracles and wonders that God is real and also really close. A synopsis of a sampling of Chris’s crusades follows to help you grasp the power of God at work at a crusade. You also should know that crusades are so much a part of him that he even wrote a book How You Can Have A Miracle Ministry.

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Whatever it takes to remove your enemy - God will do it! Take the Rod the Word of God and use it by speaking Word of God. Exodus10-13. And Moses stretched his rod over the land of Egypt and the Lord brought an east wind upon land all day, and all the and when it was morning -God's forces envadedEgypt. god winds are bringing blessing, favor, strength, Healings , Miracles you didn't expect right now- receive these words and say them. You are speaking your victory.

Chris Panos

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